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Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE): pros and cons

The translation world is buzzing with terms like AI, neural machine translation, and MTPE. As these technologies ripen, they offer compelling tools in our linguistic toolbox. Yet, it’s essential to... Read More
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TRANSCREATION – For Successful Marketing Translations

Nobody is more aware of the importance of content and copy that goes straight to the heart than marketing and advertising specialists. And also of how frustrating it is to... Read More
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Can Poetry be Translated? The Unique Challenges of Recreating a Poem

“Poetry is what gets lost in translation”, as the American poet Robert Frost famously said. Actually, he didn’t. Frost’s actual phrase is less pithy and more long-winded: “I could define... Read More
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TONE OF VOICE – Just tone it down a bit, will you?

“Just tone it down a bit will you, OK?”, the teacher growled in exasperation after Johnny had viciously yelled that “he could go to hell”. “We hope you have a... Read More
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The perfect translation briefing exists (+ free checklist)

If you are reading this article, it is highly likely that you have regular dealings with translators or translation agencies. We want to offer you the opportunity to provide them... Read More
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The Price of our Translations (and what you get for it)

I can’t stand quotes that don’t contain details. “Built-in wardrobe 7,500 euros. To order, sign here.” Oh right, thanks Rudy, great, but can I have a bit more information please?... Read More
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Language Museums: Celebrating the Culture of Words

The world is filled with museums devoted to objects, artefacts and curios. Aside from the most common museums based on history, science or art, there are museums of ships; museums... Read More
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