Our love for languages knows no bounds.

Who are we?

Entre les lignes is a professional translation and copywriting agency. Or in other words, a language service provider, because you can call on us for anything language-related. From translation to copywriting, through to content writing. From SEO to layout, without forgetting style guide creation. Our team is made up of several project managers and a network of 500 translators and copywriters who work in their native language. One thing’s for certain: your projects are in good hands.

The story of Entre les lignes

On the brink of burnout, Tim quit his job as an advertising executive in 2011. Since he already had a master’s in translation in the bag, becoming a freelance translator was a natural next step. 


Soon enough, he realized that he was no longer able to keep up with the demands alone. He began collaborating with other project managers, translators and copywriters. Entre les lignes was born. Today, it has a network of over 500 partners who translate and write in every language combination you can think of. 


Since day one, we’ve built relationships over mutual values of quality, service and respect. And that’s still the case today. When you feel good, you work well. And when you receive good work, you feel great!

Our team


Founder & CEO

Hello, I’m Tim. Native Belgian, but I became an honorary Berliner in 2014. I was a freelance translator and copywriter for several years, until the day I could no longer work alone. A real people-pleaser, I don’t know how to say no – especially to clients. So I surrounded myself with a team of people who allow me to always say yes (hello, irony). In my work, I help you, the customer, find your way to us, and make sure that you receive the best service possible.


Project Manager

Hiya, I’m Olivia. I was born and raised in the Leuven region in Belgium, but I moved to Italy for love (cheesy much?). I worked in research and project management in the field of speech therapy at the University of Leuven for over 15 years. In 2019, I decided I wanted to do something else, and it was then that I started to help Tim with project management and admin. I make sure that our clients are receiving a buonissimo service. I won’t accept anything less.


Partner Manager

Hello! I’m Morgane. With a deep passion for languages, I naturally gravitated towards a career in translation. Born in France, I’m constantly fueled by wanderlust, which has led me to explore and live in places like Scotland, Spain, and Ireland. It’s true; I thrive on variety and change. That’s why I adore my job—every day and every project brings something new and exciting.


Project Manager


Admin Officer

Hello, I’m Steffen. It’s pronounced ‘Schteffen’. I was born in East Germany and, like Tim, I live in Berlin (I’ve been there for over 25 years now!). There’s not much likelihood of you and I being in contact. I’m in charge of the administrative element of the German branch of Entre les lignes, preferably from behind my screen. I’ve also been nicknamed the Chief Wellbeing Officer, because I’m convinced that personal well-being is more important than anything else. When was the last time you took the time to do absolutely NOTHING?
It’s important that everyone can be themselves with us – team members and clients alike. The rest will follow.
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