I can’t stand quotes that don’t contain details.

“Built-in wardrobe 7,500 euros. To order, sign here.”

Oh right, thanks Rudy, great, but can I have a bit more information please?

🤷‍♂️ Do you provide the material, or do I have to go and get it from B&Q?

🤷‍♂️ Any idea about the exact measurements, so that I know that my bed will fit next to it?

🤷‍♂️ And does it have nice sliding drawers or will I have to insert a piece of chewing gum myself?

Too long to read

  • The 10 steps of our translation process
  • The price of a translation versus the price of a translation
  • As long as the result meets the translation goal

In order to avoid you getting all worked up when you order a translation from us, we have listed all the components in our translation services.

💡 Tip: you can also use this list as a checklist to compare prices with other providers. You will soon see that no two translation services are alike.


🔎 Research (1)

We immerse ourselves in the universe of your brand or company and get to know you inside out. Without research and context, you’re translating in the dark, and that’s when accidents happen.

📥 Preparing files (2)

Before we start working on your translation, we have to do a bit of spring cleaning with your files so that our teams can translate them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Otherwise, all your tags and codes are sure to be lost in the ether.

👥 Selecting the team (3)

Our tried and tested network comprises 500 freelance translators, linguists and copywriters. We select the people that are the best fit for your project. The team allocated to you will always consist of at least one translator, one proofreader and one project manager.

📔 Briefing the team (4)

This is where things can start going wrong. If you don’t handle this stage properly that is. That’s why we make a point of giving our teams a detailed briefing so that they know exactly what they have to do. Tone of voice, SEO, terminology, style, etc. It’s all part of the job.

(No idea how to brief a translation team? Download our translation briefing template here.)

 🔠  Translation/ localisation/ transcreation (5)

The work itself. Our native linguists do not just translate words. They also adapt your content so that it is consistent with the local culture (localisation). And they make sure that your creative ideas don’t get lost in translation (transcreation).

🤓 Revision (6)

Your translation will now also undergo a revision by a second native linguist. Because we’ve got news for you: sad to say, the human brain is extremely fallible. And an extra check on spelling, grammar and style is not a superfluous luxury.

🥇 Quality guarantee (7)

Here at Entre les lignes Agency, we go that little bit further. With us your project is scrutinised by not two, not by four, but by six eyes. The last pair are those of your personal project manager, who knows you best and knows EXACTLY how you like your words served up.

🚚 Delivery (8)

Your translation is delivered in the agreed file format such as Word, Excel, html, xml or idml, for example. And your project manager always informs you if there is anything special to report (as opposed to “Here you are; do what you like with it”).

💎 Integrating feedback (9)

Let’s call a spade a spade. Marketing texts are particularly pertinent examples of where, look as hard as you may, you can’t find the exact replica of a sentence. It’s a question of colours being a matter of taste, etc. But, your personal opinion is important, so we just keep polishing your text until it shines like a diamond.

✅ Final post-layout check (10)

It would be a real crime if a formatting error f*ked up your cover (pardon my French)

You can trust our team to avoid dramas like this. By the way, we also do online post-layout checks for your website. So you can be sure that all your content 1) looks good, 2) does not clash with the visual context and 3) is UX-optimised.


We are often asked why one translation service is so much more expensive or inversely cheaper than another. There is a logical explanation.

One part of the service consists of a core task (here: translation) and a process. The quality of the result will depend to a large degree on the resources you deploy to carry out that core task and on the efficiency of your workflow or process.

The cheaper your resources, the less effective your process, the cheaper your translation. And the cheaper the result.

As you will see below:

Here you can find a few of our regular clients.


The best partner can solve your problems as effectively, speedily and cost-efficiently as possible.

Need a quick translation of an internal memo? Maybe Google Translate is good enough if it’s not about sensitive or important info.

Want to write a card to your French great-aunt for her birthday? Your cousin Jenny will undoubtedly do just fine.

You only need to occasionally translate a few documents into a single target language? A freelancer will be able to help you out.

Need to clean up your brand’s website for 7 international markets and have to send out new content every week? You know what I’m going to say…. Just send a sign. Our team is ready and waiting for you.

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