Official translation of legal documents

  • Contracts
  • Acts
  • Judgments
  • Articles of association
  • Terms and conditions


Our legal translators translate all your legal documents – with extreme precision, and in the strictest confidence – into over 36 languages. From contracts to articles of association, through to judgments, subpoenas, patents and even formal notices. We can also provide both sworn and certified translations.


Legal translation specialists and jurilinguists

Your legal documents will be thoroughly translated by specialist legal translators. For the most specialist subjects, we work with jurilinguists who are qualified in both law and linguistics. That way we can guarantee that your documents will be translated to perfection and with the greatest care.


Additional revision for guaranteed quality

In sensitive documents, a misplaced comma can have severe consequences. And because even the best translators are not infallible, we always anticipate a revision by a second specialist.  That way we can guarantee that all your documents will be translated to perfection, down to the tiniest detail.


Legal translations into 36 languages

Thanks to our vast network of over 500 translators, we’re able to provide quality legal translations into over 36 languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese. All of our legal translation experts work in their native language and specialize in law.


Confidentiality guaranteed

We’re well aware that legal documents are often very sensitive. That’s why we sign a confidentiality agreement with all of our partners. So you can rest assured, knowing that your files will be treated with the utmost discretion.


Sworn and certified translations

Translated documents destined for the authorities often have to be sworn and certified by an ‘official’ translator. In this case, we’ll ask one of our sworn partners to translate and sign your document, or even to have it legalized in court.

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"Entre les lignes has been taking care of our translation needs for several years. With the team’s professionalism and speed, we can count on them with our eyes closed!"

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