If you want to connect with your global markets, you can’t be a stranger. And you guessed it right, that starts with speaking your target market’s language. Numerous studies have showed that consumers have more trust (and buy more) when they are offered information in their mother tongue. Unlike you might think, English only will not do it for your international growth strategy. Since 2013, we have worked into over 50 languages, from German to Japanese, French to Arabic, and Dutch to Norwegian amongst others. We exclusively work with professional native speakers who have 100% understanding of your specific niche topic and of the local cultural nuances of your target market.

English, German, French, Dutch

With legal headquarters in Brussels and Berlin, we have a special connection with the Benelux, Germany and France. More than 50% of our clients order daily translations into English, German, French, Dutch and Flemish.

European Languages

ELL has carefully selected partners covering all European languages including English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, all the Nordic languages, Easter-European languages, and Southern-European languages like Greek, Maltese and Turkish.

Middle-Eastern Languages

You’re at the right address if if you need professional native translators for your communications in Arabic, Hebrew or Farsi. Our local linguists don’t only know the language but master the local culture and will avoid deal-breaking faux pas.

Asian Languages

Since 2013 we’ve partnered with a select team if local language specialists in Asia who translate into the most common Asian languages like Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Hindi and more.

All Hispanic and Regional Variants

Spanish from Spain is not the same as Spanish from Argentina, just like French from France is very different from Canadian French, and the same goes for Dutch from Belgium or The Netherlands. We’ll make sure you get your regional variant right.

We select translators according to ISO17100:2015 standards.


To guarantee quality, we require that all our translators have a higher education degree in language studies or at least 5 years of proven experience in translating.

All our language partners are continuously evaluated by our revisors, who have at least 5 years of senior experience.

Moreover, every single person that works with ELL complies with the most recent confidentiality and data protection requirements.

We believe that investing in the best people leads to the best results.

We’ll set you up with the best team of native human translators.
"Entre les lignes has been taking care of our translation needs for several years. With the team’s professionalism and speed, we can count on them with our eyes closed!"
— Adeline Stassin, Communication Specialist
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