We’ve developed 5 levels of professional translation service, so that you always get the best quality for your budget.


Our most basic and lowest-priced translation service.

Your text is translated by a professional translator, but isn’t revised. Some little typos might appear here and there.

Recommended for non-sensitive texts, such as internal notes, where a minor mistake won’t be a major disaster.

From €0.18 per word.

⭐️⭐️ PRO

Guaranteed error-free translation.

For a flawless result, your text is translated by a professional native translator, then revised.

Recommended for all non-creative external documents.

From €0.22 per word.


Our signature translation service for creative and editorial content.

Your text is translated by a native professional translator and revised by one of our senior copywriters. Feedback rounds are included, until you’re 100% satisfied with the result.

From €0.24 per word.


Because sensitive and specialized texts need to be checked by experts.

Your specialized document is translated by a professional native translator and revised by a specialist subject-matter expert.

Recommended for highly subject-specific legal, financial and medical texts. 

From €0.26 per word.


This is not just a translation. It’s a creative service for your advertising content.

You brief us on your advertising campaign. Our native copywriter will set to work deciding how best to adapt your message for the target culture. We discuss and exchange our ideas with you until we reach a result that everyone’s happy with.

Recommended for marketing and PR content, as well as business documents. 

From €95 per hour


What languages do you translate?

We translate into all European languages, as well as Arabic and most widely spoken Asian languages.

What are your rates?

All of our prices are made-to-measure.

Our translation rates start at €0.18 per word.

Our hourly rate starts at €75 per hour.

How soon can you deliver?

We’ve got a golden rule: time of request + 12 hours prep time + 2,000 words per day per translator.

With our biggest team, we can translate up to 10,000 words a day (about 50 A4 pages).

How can you guarantee quality?

Our translation and writing specialists are tested and approved. Their work is also checked by our senior partners.

Do you offer transcreation?

Yes, we offer a transcreation service for advertising and slogans.

The source text is not translated, but completely rewritten in the target language.

Are your translations SEO friendly?

Yes, we offer SEO translations on request. We can either integrate your keywords into the translation, or carry out the keyword analysis in the target language ourselves.

Do you work with artificial intelligence?

DeepL and other machine translation tools can come in handy for some texts. The translations are then corrected by a human translator. Feel free to ask us if you think your texts would work well using this method. 

"Entre les lignes has been taking care of our translation needs for several years. With the team’s professionalism and speed, we can count on them with our eyes closed!"
— Adeline Stassin, Communication Specialist
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